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Hello, and welcome to the Write It Again learning module. I am Taylor, your Write It Again guide.

As I explain below, Write It Again is here to help YOU when you’re trying to use research for an assignment. We’ll teach you how to grab the research ideas you want to use, and put them into your own work, without plagiarizing.

If you’re not sure when you might use these skills, click “Examples” on the navigation bar above for ideas.

For now though, why not get started by looking at the videos below. They’ll explain the main ideas in this module.

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What is this learning module for?

This module will help you learn how to take the information and ideas you read online or in print, and use them in college assignments which require research.

The skills you learn here will help you avoid unintentional plagiarism by showing you how to correctly include material written by someone else into your own work.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to summarize, paraphrase and use a direct quotation from researched material for assignments such as:

  • A research essay or paper
  • A presentation
  • A business report
  • A technical report
  • Any assignment which asks you to research and reference/cite your sources

Watch these videos to find out more

(or read the text version)

Part 1 - Summarizing, Paraphrasing & Direct Quotations:
Part 2 - Citation: